Real Estate 360 Tours

Conveniently showcase your properties with stunning Real Estate 360 Tours to your clientele and gain new leads, anytime and from anywhere. Having Real Estate 360 Tours on your listings not only sets you apart,  but confirms why your clients repeatedly come to you.

Our Real Estate 360 Tours are particularly useful for open houses, safely showing properties to strangers, walk-throughs at closing,  during inclement weather, or if your client is relocating from out of the area.

With Real Estate 360 Tours, your clients can virtually walk through your listings from the comfort of their own home or mobile device at any time from anywhere. Our tours will save you valuable time, gas, milage, and ultimately money all while building your brand and image as a realtor of the digital age.

GSMLS Approved Vendor
NJMLS Compliant

Time is money.

Stop wasting precious time with dozens of property showings based on archaic wide-angle photography, working around peoples schedules, and the weather when you can have your buyers view the properties from the comfort of their home at anytime.

We allow realtors to join one or more of their customers inside of a virtual open house, where all parties can see and hear each other. Imagine FaceTime or Skype while viewing one of your Real Estate 360 Tours. This way potential buyers can learn about the property and ask questions all while being shown around the property by you.

Up to 1000 ft²


A 360 view of each room
A 360 view on terrace
Link for listing & social sites
$50 per additional 250 ft²

Up to 2000 ft²


A 360 view of each room
A 360 exterior view
1 Additional 360 view
Link for listing & social sites
Embed code for websites
$35 per additional 250 ft²

Most Popular

Up to 3000 ft²


A 360 view of each room
2 360 exterior views
5 additional 360 views
Link for listing & social sites
Embed code for websites
$25 per additional 250 ft²

Up to 4000 ft²


A 360 view of each room
360 exterior views
10 additional 360 views
Link for listing & social sites
Embed code for websites
$20 per additional 250 ft²

It doesn’t end there.

Our Real Estate 360 tours allow your potential buyers to conduct a similar experience with family or friends, by simply sharing a link in exactly the same way you would with a property listing on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and Street Easy.

Need Listing Photographs?

Get 25 HD Photographs for only $100 when booked with a 360 tour.

Features & Add-ons

Adding Real Estate 360 Tours to your listings will not only help you to generate leads, but also give potential buyers to the ability to visit the properties virtually at anytime and from anywhere,  setting you apart as the realtor of convenience in this mobile age.

360 Virtual Reality

See your properties from any angle all of the time without sly camera tricks from ultra wide-angle lenses used in traditional photography.

Hot Spots

Add additional information such as Google Maps, appliance information, and property features, even your property feature sheet.

Mobile Ready

Our real estate 360 tours work seamlessly on mobile devices for a truly immersive experience.


Get analytics from each property to see how many viewers you are getting. Available upon request.

Live Open Houses

Host live virtual open houses that you and your clients can interact with on desktop and mobile devices. Only $100 per tour and can be used as many times as you like.


For only $50, we will place a logo you provide in the tour to align with your marketing efforts.

Not all features come standard with pricing and may be subject to additional fees or charges. Fluid5design LLC reserves the right to change these prices at anytime without any prior notification. Additional 360 views can be used within a single space such as additional views in a room, attic, backyard, patio, pool houses, carriage houses, garages, multiple terraces in apartments. Live open houses have their own special links which Fluid5Design LLC will show you how to host them with your potential buyers at no additional charge. There will be a $50 travel fee for every 10 miles traveled outside of a 20 miles radius from 07044. Traditional HD photography is $300 per location. Drone photography is $300 per location.

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