Personalized Virtual Tours

Showcase a property with your own personalized pre-recorded 360 virtual tour, including narration. This is very useful especially if you are not available to physically host an open house, during inclement weather, or if your client is relocating from out of the area.

With Fluid5Design 360 virtual tours, your clients can virtually walk through your listings from the comfort of their own home or mobile device at any time. Our tours will save you valuable time, gas, milage, and ultimately money while building your brand and image as a realtor for the new digital age.

As they say it, time is money…

Why waste your time with dozens of property showings, working around peoples schedules, and the weather when you can have your buyers view the properties from the comfort of their home.

We allow real estate agents to join one or more customers inside of a virtual open house, where all parties can see and hear each other. Imagine FaceTime or Skype inside of a 360 degree virtual tour. This way potential buyers can learn about the property and ask questions while being shown around.

It doesn’t end there. The potential buyers are then free to conduct a similar experience with family or friends, by simply sending them a link in exactly the same way you would with a property listing on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and Street Easy.


Adding a 360 virtual tour to your listing will not only give your properties the ability for potential buyers to experience the properties anytime and from anywhere,  it will also make you and your brand stand out.

Personalized Virtual Tours
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